Grief and Loss

You are a capable and resourceful person who is asking yourself why you haven't been able to just "get over it and get on with life!" You may feel like you are slogging through your days without being able to enjoy the things you used to enjoy. It's like the light has gone out on your dreams. 

Whether it is a long-anticipated loss or a sudden loss, no one wants to say goodbye to a loved one or a style of life they were used to. If you had a difficult or stressful relationship with the person who died or the marriage that ended, the grieving process can be even more complicated. Surprisingly, these complicated losses can take even longer to process than the unconflicted love relationships we never want to lose.

If you have done the best you could manage by talking to friends and family, going about your daily business, and are still feeling like something is not right since you lost your person, pet, marriage, or home, I can help. 

My experience supporting children and families going through loss in addition to finding my way through my own losses, gives me a window into the pain and processing of grief. While it may not come as quickly as you'd like, there is hope for living a life you want and for experiencing joy again.