About Me

Williamsburg Richmond Virginia Therapy

I love working with creative, motivated and diverse people who are concerned about human impacts on the natural and social world.  People who have gotten derailed, but who want to leave a legacy of truth, authenticity of connection, and community will be best suited for working with me. As we work together, we work to help you create a life that aligns with your own values in ways that gradually lead toward greater self respect, congruence with your values and a sense of having made a lasting contribution. 

Becoming a therapist has been a lifelong journey for me. From the time I was in high school, I can remember clipping articles from magazines about how to have a happy family, how to communicate better, and trying out ideas with my own high conflict family. I know the frustration of being met with dissatisfying results, holding out hope for something better and the anxiety of searching for a life path that is congruent with my core values and specific talents. 

My view of life is that it is like a complicated piece of music, or an epic tale, and we get born into the middle of it. We have to figure out what notes are being played, who we are in the masterpiece, and how we fit into the greater composition, while playing the least number of wrong notes. How do we become a harmonic part of this beautiful piece of music?  

Despite the complex “music” I was born into, despite the “wrong notes” I played myself, and the obstacles, detours, entanglements and unexpected events that came my way, I was motivated to find my way through. TV shows and movies depicting happier but struggling families or people solving emotional and spiritual problems inspired me to keep trying. I believed there was something better and was fortunate to find wise therapists along my path who helped me get myself untangled and begin to live a life I truly value. 

In my past lives, in California, New York and Virginia, I taught piano and swimming lessons and provided sensory-motor and therapeutic art activities for children with developmental delays or who had experienced traumatic losses. In my "playtime" these days, I spend a lot of time biking, diving into various forms of art, music, dance and writing, watching inspirational movies and processing world events with friends, family and colleagues.

While we know life never feels like the tv shows or movies, I believe that each of us has a unique internal, emotional “compass",  a core self, that can guide us through turbulent times, if we just stop to listen, hear and respond to what that compass is trying to show us. We can learn to play our instrument, write our own epic tale, forge a path that leads to lasting fulfillment, no matter at what stage of our lives we begin. 


California State University, Northridge - BA, French

College of William and Mary - Art, Psychology 

Virginia Commonwealth University - MSW

License and Certification 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Virginia

Advanced Training

Systems Centered Training for Groups (SCT)

Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)

Professional Activities and Memberships

American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work

International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA)

Virginia Society of Clinical Social Workers (VSCSW)

Washington School of Psychiatry